Door to Door Delivery Service

Our Success lies on safety of your goods.

Door to Door Delivery is playing an important role in our Business, as we are involved in Import/Export, Customs Clearance, Consol Agent.

We ensure our client’s packages reach the final destination on time without any interruption on its path.

Our experienced Staff does all the jobs for you. Our Door to Door delivery service includes Customs clearance, Transportation up to the final Address within Maldives.

Since Maldives is covered by islands and all the good should be transport by sea we have started Local Transportation unit to provide the Door to Door service for our clients.

We have combined with the local transport providers for the smaller volumes and are chartering Dhonies as well as Landing Craft when it comes to major projects.

We can handle any of the following types of goods and more:


  • House hold Goods
  • Personal Effects
  • Unaccompanied Baggage
  • Electronic Items
  • Personal Computers
  • Office Equipment
  • Sports Material
  • Diving Equipment
  • Medical Equiptments, etc.
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