Bunker and Supply

Our experienced staff has in depth knowledge of the bunkering possibilities for the requirements of the commercial marine and shipping industry, and large private yachts, anywhere in the world.

With booming tourism industry of Maldives it is experiencing a rapid growth in shipping. As this is a country where almost everything is imported the number of ships visiting also has shot up in the recent years. Similarly yachts on circumnavigation trips or simply touring the Indian Ocean are frequenting this idyllic natural harbor. Thus the need for a full service bunker supplier is of primary importance.

We are suppliers of bunker fuels and lubricants to ports in the Maldives. In addition our services also include:

  • Port Agents
  • Bunker Brokers
  • Personnel / Recruitment
  • Bunker Suppliers
  • Bunker Traders
  • Ship Supply


Apart from bunkers and lubricants, we can also supply services and items are limitless from fresh bakery items, poultry, local exotic fruits and vegetables, other food items, galley items, cleaning solutions, spares, fender covers, fuel filters and many more…



Maldives has a large variety of local exotic fruits from which the perishables are carefully chosen to meet the demand of our clients.


  • Fruits and vegetables we supply other than local items are mainly imported from Europe, Dubai and Australia.
  • Fresh bakery items, milk and other diary products
  • Fresh seafood live and frozen from prawns, mussels to yellow fin tuna and sailfish
  • Local vegetables
  • Local fruits
  • World number one of fresh fish supplies

Spare parts

We have supplied spare parts to vessels ranging from hose clips to anchor chains, engine parts, filters and pumps. If the part is not available in Maldives we get the items sent over from Malaysia, Singapore and from some European countries.

Custom made tools and parts are very well monitored with extreme care and accuracy.
All goods are delivered on time with great care in handling and packing
Parts sent over to Maldives are cleared and delivered as ship-stores in transit on duty free basis


Repair and Maintenance Assistance

We provide technicians and engineers for repair and maintenance work

  • Main engines repair and maintenance
  • Generators and pumps repair and maintenance
  • Specialist of marine refrigeration and air condition systems services
  • Outboard engines, main engine, gen sets and pumps repair and maintenance

Safety Equipments

  • Electronic and paper charts
  • Navigational and safety equipment supplies
  • Equipments installation and maintenance


Fuel Products

We at Albatross Bunkering specialized in supplying

  • Marine Gas Oil DMA (MGO) – International Market
  • Gas Oil Bunker 0.2% Sulphur Content
  • Gasoline
  • Jet fuel Jet A1 for Commercial purpose


Appart from bunker fuel we also supply world famous brands of lubricants CASTROL, EXXONMOBILE, and SHELL for applications

  • Diesel Engine Oils
  • Out Board Motor Oil
  • Compressor Oil
  • Turbine Oils
  • Gear Oils
  • Hydrolic oils
  • Refregeration Oils

We also arrange Duty Free fuel for foreign going Vessel calling to ports of Maldives. Quality specifications are maintained to ensure that the fuel we deliver are to the equal or a grater than the industry standards.

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