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In the Indian Ocean between 7° 6′ 35″ and 0° 42′ 24″ south and between 72° 33′ 19″ and 73° 46′ 13″ east of Greenwich

The Maldives is 5 hours ahead of the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). To offer holiday makers the optimum use of the tropical sun most resorts have their clocks put forward one hour to GMT+6.

Malé (population = 137,200)

Each resort is an exclusive island that has all amenities contained and generated on the island.

Sub-tropical, with two monsoons, hot, humid and dry in northeast monsoon (November to March) and rainy in southwest monsoon (June to August) Average temperature around 29 – 32 degrees Celsius.

November through April is the peak season and reservations should be made well in advance if you are planning to travel during this period

T-shirts and other light cotton clothes are the most suitable. Nudity is forbidden in all areas and modest clothing of non-see-through material (especially for women) is recommended when visiting all inhabited islands

Dhivehi – a language spoken exclusively by Maldivians, is the National language, but English is used widely in commerce and education. Also, most people working in the tourism industry are competent in Italian, French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

The national currency is Rufiyaa (MRf) and Laari (L) (1 Rufiyaa – 100 Laaris), and bank notes come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 in addition to coins in the denominations of MRf 2, MRf 1 and 50 L, Most resorts and hotels accept payments in most hard cash currencies

America Express, Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, JCB and Euro Card