Maldives Police Shop

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Police Shop was formed on 29th March 2007 with the aim of fulfilling the basic needs of the Police Officers and their family.

Police shops vision is to become the number one company (serving Maldives Police Service members and their families) in the maldives, entails it to introduce shares in the future.

Despite starting off with a limited range of products, the police shop’s operation has expanded to include a huge variety of products in the recent years. The police shop has rapidly grown in the past three years and now it has loan schemes and other different credit schemes.

The availability of products below the market price has been a huge attraction, resulting in the approach of more and more customers to its outlets. In year 2008, the police shops operations were broadened with the introduction of a second outlet in Dhoonidhoo.

Police Shop has been renovated recently, made more spacious with a number of new products and reopened by the commissioner of police on 29 march 2011. And on the same day Police Shop web site was also launched by the commissioner of police.

” Our vision is to become most popular and most successful company in the country. ”

” Our mission is to fulfill the basic needs of Police Officers and their families with ease and efficiency. “

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