Funadhoo islanders have better ‘Fish to Fry’!

All the islands of the Maldives were occupied with the Parliamentary Elections, which took place on Sunday. Almost all the people were involved in campaign rallies. But Funadhoo in Shaviyani atoll was a different scene.

The scenario in Shaviyani atoll Funadhoo was completely different. They are occupied with something completely apart from campaigning; catching fish. The island folk – young and old together – are engrossed in bringing ashore the colonies of Round Scad (locally known as Rin mas) that had entered the reefs of Funadhoo about a month ago.

Council member Ahmed Nazeer told Haveeru that about 8,000-10,000 fish between the ranges of 8,000-10,000 is caught every day, some days resulting in 22,000 when Friday holds the record.

“We catch them and just distribute them. People looking on from far away are also included when dividing!” he said.

Small fishing boats go in search of reef fish regularly, but most of them have not been out to sea recently due to stormy seas and bad weather. However, most fortunately, there is no lack of fish to the islanders now. Fish is available; whenever and however they require.

Catching fish has become an enjoyable past time in Funadhoo now. Some people don’t go fishing because they want fish anymore, they go to enjoy with their friends. This has become an entertaining activity.

“The time all the islanders spend together on the beach catching fish is a moment when the whole island works as one; developing interpersonal relationships with each other and strengthening their societal bond. These really are happy days for the island,” Nazeer explained enthusiastically.

Council President Ahmed Ibrahim said that fish had always entered the island’s reefs during the northeast monsoon, but that this timely occurrence had been broken off for 2-3 year. Rainbow runners and frigate tuna are also found in some years.

Some islanders believe that fish are found in Funadhoo in this manner because of the way the island’s reef is naturally shaped. Funadhoo and the small uninhabited island where the airport is supposed to be built are enclosed in the same reef.

Though there are people with different trains of thinking and philosophies to life living in Funadhoo, there has never been much political unrest in the island. The societal bond is stronger there. Islanders were rewarded with joy close to the elections by the colonies of Round Scad in their shores.

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