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Al Halal perfumes made a humble beginning in the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia in 1970. A sister concern of Al Haramain Perfumes, the brand has seen steady growth and risen in popularity especially among the segment that insists on buying pure perfumes devoid of any alcoholic content. Keeping in mind the Arab traditions and their zest for the best, the company specialized in making fragrances produced from pure ingredients, tastefully packaged in beautifully crafted glass bottles.


While consumers enjoy the convenience of picking up the finished product off a shelf from their closest Al Halal showroom or buy online, they can rest assured that each perfume has been perfected after a painstaking effort – sifting through piles of oudh for the best of the lot, filtering and refining them for use, fusing together flowers, oils, agarwood etc. in the right quantities and arriving at a fragrance that would appeal to either men or women or both. Leading phytochemists in the region, with strong olfactory senses are continuously on the look out for new fragrances that would be appealing to consumers of different generations.


While consistent research and development at the Al Halal labs ensure that the company churns out a number of new fragrances at regular intervals, the marketing team works round the clock to prepare attractive packaging for the products based on the target audience of each perfume. The fragrances range from flowery and fruity to woody and spicy bases. All perfumes come in beautifully crafted bottles reflecting the commitment of the company towards delivering a truly memorable experience, rather than just a good perfume.


Our head office and factory based in the emirate of Ajman in UAE is a sprawling facility of over 70,000 sqm buzzing with activity. Best quality oudh, flowers and oils are received here directly and put through various processes in the labs and factory. Our in house designing team comes up with creative concepts and attractive packaging ideas for each product.


For decades, fragrances from Al Halal have been setting a benchmark for its contemporaries to follow. Pure hard work and dedication invested in our craft, along with strategic decision making has seen Al Halal spread their network of stores and offices all over the GCC and beyond. Spectacular showrooms all over UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and the USA cater to the perfume needs of loyal customers.

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