A brief and rough timeline of the major events and milestones in our company’s history.

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Launch of the company

Started the company with freight forwarding services. We were one of the few companies that provided the service in the Maldives.

1990 - 1995

Provided Domestic Courier Service

We have provided local courier service through out Maldives and internationally as well in partnering with Overseas Courier Services (OCS).

Jan 1992

"Transit" shop opened

Address: Ocean Meed, Mirihi magu. This is the very first shop we have opened. We sold imported goods from Thailand and India. The goods were garments, textiles and household appliances.


Opening of "Naasthaa" cafe'

Opening of "Naasthaa" cafe', a well known cafe' in Male' even today.


Albatross shop opened

The shop previously known "Ohgaafilaa" shop was opened near local market area.


Naasthaa 1 cafe' opened

Previously known as "Zeenaaru café".


"Albatross Shop" opened

"Albatross Shop" at Dhambu goalhi was opened.


Ice box cafe' opened

This cafe' is located near Justice building of the Maldives, Orchid magu.


Managed Ministry of Justice's canteen

This is the first government canteen we managed.

April 2008

Handled Mv Giannid cargo vessel

This was the biggest cargo vessel that entered to Maldives up to 2008.

April 2012

Opening of "Miskulkhair" shop

"Miskulkhair" shop at Alikileygefaanu magu was opened - A dedicated shop for perfumes and perfume related products.

May 2012

"Albatross" shop at Dhilbahaaru magu opened

"Albatross" shop with 2 floors dedicated ware house was opened at Dhilbahaaru magu - A dedicated shop for cookware, home appliances and kitchen related goods.

May 2013

"Miskulkhair" second shop opened

"Miskulkhair" second shop was opened at Majeedhee magu. A shop opened in the main business street of the whole of Maldives.

April 2013

The Company's New Head Office opened

Albatross International Pvt Ltd near head office, Majeedhee magu opened

January 2015

"Romantico" shop opened

A shop opened on the main business street of the whole of Maldives.